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Mumbai-Tiffin-our STORY

Mumbai, the city which is also well known for its distinctive food, is very close to our heart.

I started my career in Mumbai, as a Management Trainee. After long day of work and travel, it was very difficult for me to cook everyday. I used to miss my mums cooked food. Then I found out about the lady living in the next apartment, who used to provide delicious home cooked tiffin, to many working people like me. 


Then I moved to London, and since 20 years I am working professionally as a Chef. I have worked from Fine dining to Michelin star restaurant and hotels. But still the same issue, the restaurant food are delicious but its not something which I personally believe, I can spend and eat daily.

When I got married to my wife(not known that time when I was in Mumbai), she shared the same story. She started her IT career in Mumbai. Far from home, long working hours and travel, she had the same cooking problem and she used to get tiffin from the dabbawalas.

Since then, we both had a vision to provide the same home cooked food at an affordable price. In today's busy life, it's not easy to cook everyday, the same food which our mother used to cook for us(Ghar ka khana). 

So, we started Mumbai-Tiffin with a vision to provide tiffin(box) packed with fresh and authentic homemade food with recipes inspired from our mum, and our many years of cooking experience. And this is also inspired from the lady who use to provide me with home cooked tiffin food, while I was working in Mumbai.

Mumbai-Tiffin is all about having new delicious food every day.

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