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 NHS Menu-Lunch Only

We have both veg and non-veg options. Customer can choose veg option on Monday ,Wednesday and Friday. 

Veg Menu


You can order for the Tiffin menus items any day of the week as long as its 24hours in advance for the next day order.Please see below for detail information:

As this is a everyday tiffin(box) service which we are providing to the customer. The customer can order any day's menu in advance and will be delivered in that particular menu day, irrespective of the day/date of order.

For example:

Suppose customer is ordering Monday's menu item on Saturday, then it means that item will be delivered on the following Monday and not on Saturday which is a order date.

Or suppose if a customer is ordering the whole week Menu in advance on Sunday, then the delivery of the item will be done respectively:

Monday Tiffin Menu - Delivery will be on Monday between 11-1pm.

Tuesday Tiffin Menu - Delivery will be on Monday between 11-1pm.

Wednesday Tiffin Menu- Delivery will be on Monday between 11-1pm.

and respectively.


                                                                                     THANK YOU.

Prices and Offers

Mumbai Tiffin is to provide you home cooked Indian food to your door hence the prices are kept as low and affordable as possible. Please do note that the minimum plan is for 5 meals(1 week). Last order time for next day delivery is 10pm a day before

This is the minimum plan for dinner only based on Monday to Saturday.

Looking for a discount?

Want 10% discount?

Commit to a 30 meal plan & you will receive a 10% discount on the total payable amount. To avail this offer, you would need to  pay in advance through our website  £94 – 10% discount which is £84.60

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